Playa de Muro

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Playa de Muro is one of Mallorca’s newest holiday resorts, and just a few years ago it was nothing more than a small village that nestled between the port of Alcudia and the S’Albufera wetlands. The name Playa de Muro can also be seen written as Platges de Muro, which is an older way of writing it, and can cause some confusion, but the two different spellings are indeed referring to the same place.

Expansion of Alcudia along with development of Playa de Muro has meant that the two resorts now have effectively merged at the edges so that access to all the amenities of Alcudia is not only possible, but very easy if you stay in Playa de Muro.

Of course with many of the hotels having direct beach front access, some people prefer to just stay in the Playa de Muro area, where the warm shallow waters and beautiful sandy beach make Playa de Muro very popular. The beach is without a doubt Playa de Muro’s main attraction, and with almost 8 kilometres of fine clean sandy beaches to choose from there is plenty of space for everyone, and it’s not just sun bathing and swimming that take place here, there is also plenty of opportunity for joining in with a variety of water sports as well.

Playa de Muro

The S’Albufera park to one side of Playa de Muro, is a wonderful place for anyone who loves nature. The park is open to visitors and many well signposted paths are there to be explored and it makes a relaxing change to the beach as well. There are a number of hides sited throughout the park for those who want a better opportunity of seeing the various birds here, and the reception centre at the main entrance provides all the necessary information to visitors including the few basic rules, most of which are just plain common sense – such as not shouting, and not leaving the recognised paths.

The Labyrinth Giant Wooden Maze is very much a must see. In the day there are various games within the maze that you have to try to solve collecting things as you go. Once the sun has set, they change things a little, and have various creatures in there like a ghost and other monsters to chase you if you get it wrong – a little scary for the very young perhaps, but very entertaining for older children and many adults as well.

There is a small local market every Saturday, where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables as well as flowers and craft items, haggling is a common thing here, so remember to give it a go if you want to bag yourself a real bargain.