Travelling when pregnant

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Having travel insurance for a trip or holiday wherever you go is always an important part of planning that you shouldn’t overlook, but if travelling when pregnant it is even more important.

If you are going on holiday when pregnant before you child arrives in order to relax, then one of your top priorities, as well as finding a fabulous location, should be to find appropriate, yet cheap travel cover to give you piece of mind for yourself and your unborn child, and to have one less thing to worry about.

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Many pregnant women who are travelling, will typically want to know how far into your pregnancy will you be able to travel? This is actually a very important point to consider as most airlines and insurance companies will not cover you past the 28th week of your pregnant. The main reason for this is there is you are generally more at risk of flying or travelling long distances after the 30th week of pregnancy, and at an increased risk of a pre-term birth.

There are however, a healthy selection of travel insurance companies who will insure you in the later stages of your pregnancy. However, you should note that may will often state that you should be returning from your holiday at least 8 weeks prior to the date your baby is due.

You should also note that certain insurance policies may also stipulate different conditions if you are carrying multiples. If you are going to be taking a flight when pregnant, you should also be sure to double check with your airline as some will not let you board a flight after specific number of weeks that you are pregnancy.

Cheap travel insurance for pregnancy women, is relatively similar to that of a standard single trip travel insurance policy, which will cover you for areas such as public liability, cancellation, loss of baggage and medical. There are usually several extras which you can also opt to include if you wish, and some areas of travel insurance may vary upon provider so always be sure to check each provider’s policy thoroughly.

Despite being pregnant, finding cheap travel insurance is still a quick and simple task. Most travel insurance companies have moved with the times so can be contacted online rather than in person or solely on the telephone, and most are available to be compared online in one go.

Using an online comparison tool to find the cheapest and best travel insurance for your needs is very quick and simple. Comparing insurance cover for your holiday online simply involves inputting a few details such as the destination in which you will be visiting, the exact duration of your trip and your age. You will also be able to state which extras you wish to include as well as specifics such as your pregnancy. This will only take a few minutes and will quickly enable you to be presented with many suitable options in which you can easily compare and securely purchase online.