What to do about Holiday Money

by , under Travel Tips

If you are considering travelling abroad, then it is a good idea to think about how you will go about taking money overseas. There are various options available, such as changing money before you leave, carrying travellers’ cheques, using an ATM abroad, or taking a travel money card.

Each one has their positive and negative aspects. Many people change money before they go, as this means that they get a better exchange rate. However, for a two week vacation, it can mean carrying large sums of money around. You probably wouldn’t carry one thousand pounds on you in the UK, so why would you abroad?!

Travellers’ cheques used to be the norm for holidays abroad. However, this has changed over the years. They have become increasingly more difficult to cash in, it involves a time consuming process, and there are also charges involved.

Using an ATM abroad should theoretically be the best option. You can access your bank account in virtually any country, and take out money in the local currency. The one small drawback to this, is that there may be a small charge every time that you do so. This can add up significantly if you are only withdrawing small amounts.

The final option is to load up a money card before you leave. This will work the same way in an ATM machine, but is not subject to the same charges. If you are considering taking this route, then you should either enquire in your travel agency, or have a further look online.